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This is a pack course for students who wish to sign up for multiple summer camp workshops. Courses include:

  1. Physics Theatre- Jumping Jacks - A Theatrical Production 
  2. Basics of Photography

Course Format

Basics of Photography

  • Duration: 1 week, 2 hour sessions per day (9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m, Monday to Friday)
  • Starting May 2, 2017 - Exhibition on May 6, 2017

Physics Theatre

  • Duration: 2 weeks, 2 hour sessions per day (11:15 a.m. - 01:15 p.m, Monday to Friday)
  • Starting April 24, 2017 - Play for family and friends on May 6, 2017



Basics of Photography:

  • To know the fundamentals of how light and shadow works on the final image output.
  • To learn how the light is picked up by the camera sensor and based on its intensity, breadth, temperature and speed one can easily control and get correct exposures with good clarity
  • Learn to play with the controls to allow more creativity to happen than just shooting on a phone or in auto mode.
  • To make images that matter

Phyiscs Theatre

  • Produce a complete play of about 45 minutes in duration.  
  • Learn creative writing, new vocabulary and use of sentences in various tenses and person
  • Produce creative art for props
  • Learn to create and produce an appropriate background score of music and a song 
  • Learn appropriate movement to express gravity, weight and mass


Ages 10-14. Students must bring their own camera for photography course. 

  • Camera to be carried – DSLR Camera or a Point & Shoot camera which will have the settings for Aperture, Shutter, ISO etc
  • If there are lenses additionally please carry them
  • Battery charged camera
  • Memory card
  • Images which you have taken - 2 of your best
Basics of Photography
  • Basics of Photography
Jumping Jacks - A Theatrical Production
  • Jumping Jacks - A Theatrical Production