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The course teaches the basics of Piano technique focusing mainly on having an understanding of the instrument, learning how to play and perform simple melodies, songs and classical pieces with the help of reading Staff Notation for both hands. The course is divided into two parts Beginners I and Beginners II, giving you a bundle of learning the techniques of piano playing, music theory, learning how to read music as staff notation and also builds one’s sight reading skills. This class is intended for students with the least or no keyboard background at all. In 12 weeks, the students will be able to express their musical ideas and feelings, use their creativity, imagination and intuition for the pieces and songs they learn, develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the instrument and reflect on and evaluate their progress.


Please note: The student must have a Piano or Keyboard at home to practice.



Materials Required for the course:




  • The students will learn about the different parts of the instrument and understand the right posture necessary for a Pianist to enable efficient playing and avoid long term injuries.
  • Students will be able to map music notations to the instrument and see how the notes are placed on the piano.
  • The students will gain understanding on Music theory, understanding the Treble and the Bass Clef, along with how to read music on staff notation and other related elements.
  • Skills on the techniques of piano playing will be developed wherein the students will learn Major scales, and Primary triads as a warm up exercise.
  • The students will also learn to play classical pieces and simple songs from various genres.
  • Sight reading and Hand independence will also be focused to enhance their performance.

  • Age group: 6 and above
  • The student should have a personal interest in leaning Western music; how to play the piano and reading sheet music.
  • No basic knowledge of the piano is required.


Materials Required:

  • Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book Level 1A- Alfred's Piano Book 1A
  • Note Book
  • Manuscript Book
  • 5 Octaves Keyboard or a weighted keys Piano
Piano Technique - I
  • Parts of the Instrument
  • Posture and Hand Position
  • Notes of Western Music- Naturals, Sharps, Flats
  • Introduction to Staff Notation
  • Introduction to Clef- Treble Clef and Bass Clef
  • Reading Music on Treble Clef and Bass Clef
  • Understanding the Note Value Table
  • Five-Finger Pattern: Left Hand and Right Hand
  • Major Scales- C G
  • Primary Chords and Inversions in C
  • Simple melodies on sheet music- Left hand and Right hand
  • 2 Contemporary Songs (non-classical)
  • 1 Classical Piece
  • Sight Reading Exercises

By the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Read simple pieces with note and rhythmic accuracy
  • Understand and play major scales and primary triads using correct finger positions.
  • Play simple melodies with primary chords in inversions.
  • Be able to apply music theory concepts and read music on Staff lines.
  • Play at least 2 songs/pieces reading sheet music, using both the hands.